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Project Description

Market Ready LLC brought me on in 2015 to plan and design their new vendor coordination system. With an extremely limited budget and staff, I had my first professional experience with the quandary of “Buy vs. Build”. Buy won out after learning that I would be the only one on the project long-term, and WordPress was quickly turned into a SaaS with the help of a few heavily modified plugins, custom themes, and several hours of riding the learning curve to bring a RESTful API to an uncooperative CMS.

The finished product included live meta-maps using Google’s FusionTables API, route planning, and a very large internal user base. Once the wep-app was running as a proof of concept and usable prototype for the daily operations of the company, I began developing a more future-proof and robust application on a MEAN stack, however the budgetary restrictions became more intense and the client lost interest. Since the application is proprietary to the client, I cannot give much more detail at this time.


Project Details

Skills Needed: